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Hotel 3K Madrid Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal's capital, is abundant in cultural heritage. Its story goes as far back to the Roman occupation where the first intrepid maritime explorers departed from its river ports. It's one of the oldest European capitals and is currently in the eye of the world, collecting best tourism destination prizes. Its climate is temperate with an average of 250 rain free days in the year.

 Located in the border between the historical and modern city centre, 3K Madrid is a contemporary hotel, boasting all the commodities that any traveller could wish for. Its name pays homage to its vibrant neighbour capital.

 The staff are highly professional, very friendly and available to attend to your needs 24/7. Being able to speak fluent Portuguese, English, French and Spanish, the receptionist will point out to the different tourism and transport options for your stay and, at your request, will organise transfers and car rentals with hotel pickup. 

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